Bespoke Automotive Performance and Styling Services

VIP Design’s expertise offers the ultimate place for bespoke supercar performance and personalisation. The VIP Design team combine creativity and technical knowledge to deliver innovation for your driving pleasure. The VIP Design Team can help you obtain the very best solutions for your supercar. Beautifully Made in England: The VIP Design Team collaborates with clients keen to create an enhanced driving experience. Fully unleashed performance can be achieved on the world’s finest marques. With a 3000bhp rolling road, The VIP Design Team can demonstrate outstanding and proven results. VIP Design: it’s about elevating the driver’s experience, whether the car is used in an everyday capacity or occasionally at the weekends or track-days. Let VIP Design help you unleash your supercar’s true performance potential. Explore VIP Design’s projects and find out what can be done for your car. Take advantage of the Team’s experience; The VIP Design Team are hands-on, practical and very friendly. More than happy to assist you; let VIP Design London be your automotive stylist! We hope you enjoy browsing our website. Please contact us if you need further support or technical advice.