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Paramount Performance – quintessential automotive styling

Founded in the 1986, Paramount Performance is one the most renowned names for Jaguar styling conversions; these classic conversions are still extremely sought after today, some 30 years old, the brand still holds a thrill for the Jaguar enthusiasts.

Paramount Performance described as the most respected Company in the vehicle styling arena – the design and upgrade themes not only concentrate on refining the vehicle’s look on the outside but also its performance from the inside.

Taking a car which already has startling performance is taken to, to, well a higher heights with the incorporation of specially developed software upgrades provided by Viezu Technologies Ltd.

VIP Design Jaguar F-Type Predator 650bhp

VIP Design Jaguar F-Type Predator 650bhp

For nearly 10 years both companies have successfully collaborated to deliver significant increase in power,  performance and torque; and road handling not forgotten – the fitment of a sports suspension pack, sharper brakes, wider wheels and carbon-fibre body kits are just a taste of some of the bling-bling to be enjoyed.

Viezu Incorporating Paramount Performance is an amazing venture – it ensures that super car performance and looks are never separated.

Being the co-owner of Viezu Technologies and Paramount Performance clearly can lead to only one thing, remarks Paul Busby – “the launch of the ultimate bespoke automotive styling house.”

– VIP Design London

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”  Henry Ford

VIP Design is a brand division of Viezu Technologies Ltd and is based in its Head Office in Warwickshire

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