Alientech Tuning Tools

Alientech Tuning Tools

Alientech Tuning Tools

alientech tuning tools

Alientech Tuning Tools

Alientech Tuning Tools: VIP Design offers full vehicle conversion and high performance upgrades around the world, many tuners and trade partners ask for details of our tuning software, and the powers  gain we achieve, we appreciate not all customers can get to us for their tuning, and so we welcome international tuners, workshops and their customers

How do you install a VIP software, well the first thing you should know is we don’t support clone or fake tuning tools, please don’t ask for our help and tuning if you done have the right tools to load our software, what you need is a tuning system from the Alientech tuning tool range.

We can supply this completely ready to go, so we can show you how to load our tuning software and power gains. Don’t cut corners, your customers are our customers – and only the best tuning and service will do.

If you are looking for advice on professional cat tuning tools, you will find this website of great interest, Alientech tuning tools – Tuning Shop

You can see the full range of Alientech Tuning tools here:

Alientech Kess V2 Master

Alientech Kess V2 Salve

Alientech K-tag Master

Kess V2 and K-Tag package

We can provide training, set up and support information for car tuning, we can even set you up as an approved installer subject to your location. If you would more information please get in contact



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