As well as our predefined vehicles and packages available to order. The VIP Design team can also undertake bespoke vehicle design, projects and fabrication, be it for a one-off single vehicle or a limited edition commission.

Our work can include interior and exterior styling and rework packages including upholstery, paint, carbon fibre, trim and body parts. As well as high performance and tuning conversions for just about all cars and vehicles.

car styling and tuning

Apples for Apples

  • A true story: “when Richard was a young lad, he grew up with an apple tree in his parents garden. Like most boys would, he climbed this tree, added a swing and a tree house – much fun was had over the years and he had fond memories.
  • Many, many years later the tree was damaged in a storm. At the same time Richard was not a fan of the black dashboard in his Jaguar XKR. So Richard commissioned us to fabricate a new dashboard from his beloved apple tree wood”
  • The result – a unique and very special addition to his car.

Don’t panic if you don’t have an apple tree – if you have a need for something special, VIP Design can help.

Mail us now at enquiries@VIP-Design.London

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