VIP Design London Calling!

VIP Design London is about bringing together bespoke vehicle ECU tuning and automotive design and styling to achieve that understated bling-look. Head-turning, eye-candy vehicles that chant out ‘the real you’ personality on wheels.

VIP Design London brings together the modern technology developed by Viezu since 2008 – enhancing vehicle performance, torque and driveability and the 30 years of heritage to be found from the ultimate styling guru Paramount Performance.

VIP Design London is the ultimate place to receive styling and performance advice for your automobile. Your vehicle, custom-made to defined specifications; let your needs, no, your luxury wants from interior to exterior, under the bonnet, in the booty, under the chassis and out the exhaust be of your own personality. Let VIP Design London be your Bling-Bearer!

Power and Performance

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”. Abraham Lincoln

Unlike many tuning and styling providers, VIP Design take the art of performance tuning to the core of the services we provide, urban sleek styling tells you something is different, the feeling when you drive our cars is something altogether far more pleasing – words don’t do it justice.

A note for the wise. Unlike some of the styling, the power, performance and tuning we deliver is not subtle, and should not be taken likely, power delivery is significantly increased over stock and must be driven with respect and understanding. The uninitiated can be surprised.

The VIP Design Collection – Feel Unique!

The ultimate in bespoke tuning, performance and refined styling – enjoy our collection and feel unique. Nationwide collection and delivery available.

For UK customers  interest free finance is also now available

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