How to make your Jaguar XK even sexier! Jaguar XKR tuning from VIP Design London

Jaguar XK

Jaguar XKR tuning: How to make your Jaguar XKR even sexier! Styling and performance from VIP Design London, the Jaguar XK – epitomised by smooth, sleek curves; eye-catching, shiny wheels; lowered suspension and high-grade, stainless steel sports exhaust.  Understated, automotive bling, with phenomenal engine tuning performance from VIP Design London will leave admirers gazing adoringly at your work of art before you leave them in a cloud of dust.  High performance, success and style – it’s not just about appearances; it’s what’s going on inside too!

Jaguar XKR Tuning and styling

Jaguar XKR tuning

The performance on this car has been transformed with subtle touches that deliver greater performance and driveability all-round.  Factory fitted panel filters have been replaced with upgraded high performance, high flow, low resistance panel filters which are race derived performance filters.

The factory fitted Bilstein suspension system has amazing capability and is already a high performer and VIP Design have added better handling and, frankly speaking, it’s sexier! sex appeal delivered by lowering the ride height by 25mm – this delivers a firmer ride, handling and chassis response when combined with race track proven specialist uprated springs.

Jaguar XKR tuning: The car has been fully treated to a full set of high performance uprated polyurethane bushes. The suspension bushes have 2 major jobs to perform:

  1. Allows the suspension to pivot and move and,
  2. isolates the interior from Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) of the road

High performance uprated polyurethane bushes provide an all-round improved feel, reduced tyre wear, reduced long term running costs and increased vehicle safety. Polyurethane bushes give huge benefits on the road but those benefits are amplified when the vehicle is pushed to its limits.

More purr-appeal, the OE exhaust system gets a rear end… facelift, so to speak!  It’s been completely modified with a custom built super-sport back-box (mufflers) together with an aggressive racing profile exhaust gas flow tailpipe. It now produces a deeper tenor and is radically altered to provide a much throatier muscle car sound.

The Ultimate Jaguar XKR tuning

The stock Eaton Supercharger pulley has been replaced with a smaller lighter stainless steel pulley, improving response and allowing for a small increase in boost pressure.

Jaguar XKR tuning

All of the drivetrain hardware modifications are pulled together with the 600hp ECU (Engine Control Unit) software upgrade.  This incredibly high level of ECU software tuning is created within the confines of the factory fitted ECU. This is no plug in controllers or piggy back modification! The uniquely developed tuning software maintains all of the normal characteristics of the car’s drivetrain during normal driving conditions, speeds and throttle inputs, all whilst transforming the throttle feel and response when pushed further, however, this upgrade releases the 600hp through the rear wheels and nearly 750nm of torque.  All topped off with the speed limiter being increased to just over 200mph (Delimited Speedometer) making the most of the vehicles newly found sexiness.

Wait! There’s more, the exterior styling has been improved with a bit of carbon fibre bling – bonnet vents and rear centre diffuser gives an understated styling touch that transforms the look in to pure elegance. In essence this VIP Design XK 600Rs delivers 80hp over the standard vehicle, the new stainless steel sports exhaust tells you confirms that each time you rev her up.

The new high flow air-filters and supercharger pulley makes the performance a real delight supported by the more pronounced handling delivered through the uprated bushes and lowered suspension – you’ve just got to get some. Contact the “bling-bearer” at VIP Design to get yours!

For more information about how you can make your Jaguar XK even sexier, email, call 01789 774444 or visit


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