VIP Design Bentley Tuning The Puissance – Mail Order Set


VIP Design Bentley Puissance – Mail Order Set

As well as the full fitting service we offer, your new Bentley Puissance BHP can be delivered to your door, anywhere in the world. Please ask for details of mail order and tax free sales.

VIP Design: Bentley Tuning The Continental Puissance

Bentley Tuning –What does 720BHP look like in a box?

VIP Design tuning and styling for the Bentley Continental. When you look to make the finest vehicles a little more powerful and unique, the Bentley Continental is always going to be pretty high up on the to-do list. The now iconic styling of the Bentley is the choice of many of the motoring elite and style hunters alike. But, be warned, in temptation to stand apart the Bentley has at times been the victim of “plastic fantastic styling” – over the top styling that can lead to head turning of the wrong sort, and worse, gives no attention to what is under the bonnet.

Please allow us to help. The VIP Bentley Continental Puissance package is a combination of stunning breathtaking tuning and subtle styling, lifting your Bentley Continental into a special status, out-performing many sleek sports cars of the day, whilst being surrounded by the ultimate luxury, style and comfort.

The VIP Bentley Continental Puissance package can be fitted and installed at the VIP Head office in the UK. Delivering over 720bhp (Bentley Continental Speed) its time to feel the Puissance with VIP Design.

More Ponies: More Torque

High-flow air filters deliver greater air flow into the engine improving combustion and ignition, delivering more power whilst improving throttle response. Custom state of the art tuning, new Bentley ECU tuning really packs a punch. Adding an additional 100bhp, taking the W12 Bentley to 716bhp, and the Bentley Continental Speed to 726bhp. Whilst in standard form the Bentley is no slouch, the addition of the tuning and increase in torque is dramatic – it really does have to be driven to be appreciated just how much more the Puissance delivers in driving delight. Why not give the driver another day off?

All Beasts Growl 

Power is an illusion, control is what it’s all about. Anyone can make a loud exhaust but when you drive a Bentley what you need is control. VIP delivers the ultimate in control of exhaust tone. Not just on or off, but full control with the ability to wake the dead with thunder or slip in under the cover of discreetness – whichever you need at any given time.

As a result of the programmable and controllable valve system fitted to our Bentley exhaust, the driver can chose exactly how loud he would like the exhaust tone to be at any given time, or just choose from one of 3 pre-set base levels, quiet (sounds much like a stock exhaust), medium (nice deeper sports sound that comes in mid-RPM with throttle use) or loud, full noise, full-time!

Looking to make an impact – optional-extra bling

The VIP Bentley Continental Puissance package will transform your Bentley’s performance, offering complete stealth tuning, tuned to perfection, sounding amazing, and yet in disguise for the casual observer.

If you are looking for a little more- allow us to tempt you further POA  

Welcome to the VIP Custom Tailor service. We have put together some of the very finest items that can be added to your performance package, either individually, or as an overall styling upgrade package.

Wheels and tyre packages

Rim porn is available from the finest alloy wheel manufacturers in the world. The ultimate choice in design, style and colour – if you are looking for a change in wheels please ask for details.

Bentley Continental lowering

Bentley electronic lowering module – Bentley Continental lowering will give a sporty, sleeker appearance; subtle, yet giving further poise and stance without impacting ride quality.


A selection and choice of Bentley continental carbon fibre and styling items from some of the world’s leading automotive styling houses – why go to one Bentley continental styling parts provider, when we can manage your project and offer choice too? Bentley Continental bonnets, side-skirts, spoilers and splitters are all available, mail-order or fully fitted to complement your VIP Bentley Continental Puissance tuning package.

50 shades …..

Custom window tinting, light tinting and carbon-fibre look dipping available in all shades, just tell us your desires.


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