BMW M2 Tuning Package From VIP Design


BMW M2 Tuning From VIP Design

The BMW M2, what a great please to start from when building a road monster.

What you need now  is a little subtle weaponisasion……. Bring in VIP design

BMW M2 Tuning From VIP Design

The BMW M2, great car, but there is always room for a little more…..

BMW M2 Tuning for power and performance. The first thing we would suggest is that we add a stylish and very functional carbon fibre air induction system. This will deliver  cooler air in greater volume into the engine. Boosting air density and compression – That’s a good thing.

Next add the VIP Design BMW M2 tuning and custom engine software, this combined with the air induction system will boost power very nicely by an impressive 68bhp, and 65NM of torque. Throttle response and acceleration is dramatically improved,  and the new power keeps coming across the whole rev range – don’t want the fun to stop, that’s cool too, speed limiter “de-activated”

Is it time to book your BMW in for some VIP fun?

Stop Press – For UK customers Interest free finance is also now available

But if that is still not enough there are some more options for you too. BMW M2 Tuning and styling packages from VIP Design

  • BMW M2 performance exhaust system
  • 200cell catalytic convertors
  • Full BMW M2 Carbon fibre body and styling kit
  • BMW M2 carbon fibre bonnet
  • BMW M2 carbon fibre boot lid
  • Window tinting
  • Suspension upgrades.