Carbon Fibre car Wheels
VIP Design Carbon Fibre Wheels

Carbon Fibre Car Wheels 20″ and 22″


Carbon Fibre Car Wheels 20″ and 22″

Carbon fibre car wheels – If you are looking for the very finest in luxury wheels – your journey is over. These real carbon fibre wheels are simply stunning. Available in a number of sizes, including 20″ and 22″ ideal for many super cars and luxury cars. made in the Uk, hand crafted and hand finished carbon fibre wheels.

These carbon fibre wheels are super light and also super strong too, they are simply the ultimate in wheel porn. These wheels are also just about unique, you not going to bump into anyone at the golf club with a set that is for sure. And they will be the talk of the locker room.

Carbon Fibre Car Wheels

Carbon Fibre Car Wheels : If you are looking for the ultimate in performance and styling, you just found it. Carbon Fibre wheels will take your car to a whole new level of wow! And if you are thinking these wheels are going to be formula one fragile, and will not last – don’t worry! Whilst they totally look like F1 parts and weigh very little, they are in fact tested above and beyond any aftermarket alloy wheel.; and over that require for standard factory wheels.   Just like any other wheel the rims, they can be repaired if the horrible curb thing happens – they are not going to turn to dust on impact!

The carbon fibre wheel barrel is finished in high gloss, this allows the great carbon fibre weave to be shows off. The centre spokes can also be finished in any colour you like for a small additional fee

Stunning Carbon fibre car wheels from VIP Design – If you want the best for your car – and know you have something very special – mail us now for perfection

£10,000 20″ set of 4

£12500 22″ set of 4

VIP Design tuning and styling services, with worldwide mail order service

For UK customers Interest free finance is also now available


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