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VIP Design: Jaguar XKR 5.0 Tuning The 600Rs (Mail Order Kit)


The VIP Design Jaguar XK600Rs.

Can’t get to us – don’t worry, unlike most styling and tuning houses we can supply all the power and performance in-a-box – mail order – with international shipping and tax free (subject to location)

We bet you didn‘t see that coming!


Available: 92 in stock

The VIP Design Jaguar XK600Rs.

Jaguar XKR  5.0 Tuning:  Like your current rims – don’t worry. This package comes with factory fitted wheels, and its mail order direct to your door!

Although styled alloy wheels are available from VIP as an optional extra – please discuss your bespoke wheel design needs with the VIP Design Project Team.


Full of Style and Fashion

  • Suspension lowered 25mm all round – this just massively improves your presence, poise, stance and road holding.
  • Carbon fibre bonnet vents – it’s like getting 10 brilliants on your Rolex dial, it catches one’s attention!
  • 90mm quad exhaust tips – mmm shiny, BIG!
  • More control with this uprated handling kit, improved bushes and suspension rubbers cling to road with complete confidence.

More Ponies: Jaguar XKR 5.0 Tuning More Torque

  • Ponies: 600bhp conversion yielding 80ftlbs extra of torque.
  • A dramatic improvement in throttle response; 0-60 times reduced by a whole second to just 4.1 secs.

You need to get some of this, it’s the fastest kitty on the road today!

Extra Purr-appeal

  • Full manifold back high performance exhaust system, available in 2 different purr levels – loud and really loud!
  • Uprated supercharger pulley, simply brings the software upgrade to life. Increasing supercharger boost pressures perfectly to match the enhanced fuelling of the software delivers hugely dramatic reductions in 0-60 times and power deliver across the whole rev range.
  • High-flow air filters, achieve higher air flow into the engine improving combustion and throttle and power available, which is especially effective on supercharged engines.
  • 200 cell catalytic converters which improve waste exhaust gas flow cycling through spent gases meaning improved efficiency and performance is gained – basically you can floor-it and receive an instant kick in response.

Optional Extra-Bling

  • Tint-my-ride from black-out privacy to subtle UV protection – full cover or specific windows.
  • Black out de-chrome option, paint work, and carbon fibre options, dipping and wrapping – we are waiting to offer advice. Splitters, spoilers, and carbon fibre additions available.
  • Alloy Wheels
  • The 650 bhp Vanta Black XKR

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Tuning XK600Rs is like no other

The VIP Design XK600Rs is like no Jaguar you will have driven – it’s a supercar killer in complete disguise; unless you of course you opt for level 2, really loud purring!

Acceleration and pull-power through the gears has to be driven to be appreciated.

The only issue you will most likely have is how to take that grin off your face when you arrive for business!

Demonstration car available – test pilots need not apply! Drive responsibly this car has much power.


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