Lamborghini Aventador Tuning Session – VIP Lamborghini engine software remapping Upgrade


Lamborghini Aventador Tuning Session VIP Design style – Lamborghini engine software remapping Upgrade  

Lamborghini Aventador Tuning: As well as full Lamborghini Aventador conversions VIP Design carry out, we also offer stand-alone VIP Aventador Tuning and software upgrades. If you are looking for Aventador engine performance tuning and upgraded software, we have a service like no other.

A VIP Lamborghini Aventador live dyno tuning session, carried out by the finest performance car tuning software developers in Europe.

Lamborghini Aventador Tuning the VIP Way

What you should expect from our Lamborghini Aventador tuning: A full VIP tuning session, you can even take part in the remap tuning. The VIP software Engineers will take you through the live tuning, with full details.

  • Welcome and heath check of your Lamborghini
  • Before and after emission testing to Euro 6 standards
  • Before and after rolling dyno session
  • Live software remapping, with full details of the tuning and upgrades
  • Photos and videos of the tuning and testing
  • Detailed technical walk through the tuning result

You could trust your Aventador to any tuner, or you could call us for the  VIP experience and performance upgrade that will have you grinning every time you drive for months to come

UK wide collection and delivery service available



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