RANGE ROVER Carbon Fibre Wheels BLACK 22

Range Rover Carbon Fibre Wheels 22″


Range Rover Carbon Fibre Wheels – the ultimate look

The all carbon fibre wheel drum is finished in high gloss, showing all the wonderful carbon fibre weave off to best effect. The centre hub and spokes can be finished in any colour you want for a small additional fee

Range Rover Carbon fibre wheels from VIP Design – If you want the best and to make a real statement for your Range Rover – mail us now for perfection

Range Rover tuning and styling services, with worldwide mail order service

Range Rover Carbon Fibre Wheels

Range Rover Carbon Fibre Wheels: If you are looking for the very finest in wheels – you just found it. These carbon fibre wheels are simply stunning, that phrase gets used a lot, but where these wheels are concerned, its not and over statement. 22” of hand crafted, handmade in the UK carbon fibre wheels.

Super light, but also super strong, and the ultimate in wheel porn, they are also just about unique, you not going to bump into anyone in the supermarket car park running on these babies.

And don’t worry about the exploding if you touch a curb, they may look the part and weigh very little, but its not extreme Formula 1 use it for one race and throw it away. Quite the opposite in fact, they are tested above and beyond any aftermarket alloy wheel, and over OE wheels. And just like any other wheel the rims can be repaired if the curb crunching this happens.

You can see all our Range Rover and land Rover tuning and styling packages here Range Rover Shop  and if you don’t see what you are looking for, just drop us a mail and we will be happy to offer advice.

For UK customers Interest free finance is also now available

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