VIP Mercedes Benz X-Class Styling Package

Mercedes Benz X-Class Styling Upgrades from VIP DESIGN

Mercedes Benz X-Class Styling- Mercedes have only ever made one pick-up truck, the X Class, often seen as over-priced and over spec’d for a working vehicle, VIP Design think it’s just the right place to start building a luxury pick-up project with more urban style than an anything before it.

The 3-pointed start immediately says quality and style, but being a “working” vehicle by design, the X – Class is still a little rough around the edges, especially the better value entry models, but with just a few tweaks even the entry models can be taken to super cool urban, without breaking the bank.

Mercedes Class Styling

Typically, VIP Design would suggest the following upgrades, while subtle, they immediately say – I’m not stock. Adding a more finished and developed overall look.

20” wheel upgrade (22” is also available) tough, Mercedes style 5 spoke 4×4 wheel rims, X-Class wheel arch extension set, body coloured to give a real factory look and quality finish. (not the average pick-up grey plastic) Mercedes X -Class AMG grille set, makes a real impact and statement which stands out. Body colour coding of other “factory grey” plastic, front lower grille for example, plus a performance remap and tune that will deliver another 50bhp and 105Nm or torque and performance.

Mercedes Benz X-Class Styling – If your Mercedes X-Class is lacking some of the factory options, like leather seats, black headlining, and trims, roll bars and side steps, etc, the VIP team will be happy to quote for these items to be fitted too – making your Mercedes X – Class more the vehicle you would have wanted it to be.  Tinted windows, paint work, and audio  upgrades are also available – please ask for details, and let us know your blue sky X-Class vision. Mail the VIP team at Enquiries