Protect Your Vehicle from High-Tech Theft with OBD Port Protection

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OBD Port Protection
OBD Protect your vehicle from high-tech theft

OBD Port Protection: Protect your vehicle from high-tech theft!  Car theft has become high-tech – the days of smashing windows and hot-wiring the engine are long gone; now car thieves are much more likely to use a lap-top or other clever device to access the OBD port of your vehicle. These devices are readily available on the internet; they are not illegal to sell or buy and anyone can get hold of one if they know where to look.  Suddenly all the in-built vehicle security protocols such as alarms, immobilisers, key fobs and codes can be over-ridden using one of these devices to access the OBD port, and a thief can be driving your car away in less than a minute!

And if a thief can access your car’s OBD port, not only do they have the ability to steal the vehicle – they also have access to all kinds of sensitive personal data which has been downloaded to the vehicle, such as addresses and journey logs in the sat nav system, and contacts and phone numbers when your mobile phone is plugged in to the car.

OBD Port Protection

Now VIP Design has a solution to prevent vehicle theft via the OBD port. OBD Protect is an innovative solution which acts like a safe, disabling communication to the OBD port.  This Thatcham Quality Assured device (certificate number TQA511) effectively prevents a thief from accessing the OBD port whilst the device is armed, meaning that they are unable to steal the vehicle via the OBD port.

The vehicle owner is the only person who can give anyone access to the OBD port, should it be required for engine diagnostics during routine service or repair.  The OBD Protect device is supplied with two OBD Port Authorisation cards which can be used to switch it off when anyone needs to access the OBD port; it can be manually reset after any work has been carried out but in the event that anyone forgets to do this, the device automatically re-arms itself after 8hrs.

OBD Port Protection comes with a three-year warranty and no ongoing costs or subscriptions.  It does not need to be hard-wired in to the vehicle so it doesn’t invalidate the vehicle warranty, and its Thatcham Quality Assured rating means that installing OBD Protect may have a positive effect on your insurance premiums.  OBD Protect costs just a few hundred pounds to purchase and fit – a mere fraction of the cost of your car, which begs the question, can you afford not to fit one?

For more information about OBD Protect, please visit, email or call 01789 774444 for advice.

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