VIP Dyno Tuning session – The Very Best in Car Tuning and Remapping

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VIP Dyno Tuning session – The Very  Best in Car Tuning and Remapping

Whilst VIP Design offer full vehicle conversions and performance packages to the finest cars on the road, we also offer stand-alone VIP Tuning and software upgrades. If you are looking for engine performance and upgraded tuned software, none offer a finer service.

You could google any tuner, you could have software uploaded of some description that may make a difference, perhaps it’s worth a risk? Or you could chose a VIP live dyno tuning session, carried out by the finest performance car tuning software developers in Europe.

Car Tuning and Remapping

VIP Design has developed a reputation worldwide for delivering safe, useable max power and performance. When the media and journalists drive our cars, they always say one thing – OMG! how did you do that znoinr8.

The VIP Design 650bhp Jaguar F Type Predator change the way people think about car tuning and ecu remapping, maintaining a factory feel, but with a response and power never ever seen before

If you are looking for the best in car tuning and remapping call us now

UK wide collection and delivery for our Car Tuning and Remapping

Full VIP experience (as you would expect) You can take part in the tuning, our engineers will chaperone you live whilst the tuning is conducted

  • Welcome and vehicle heath check
  • Before and after emission testing
  • Before and after dyno session (with you in the car)
  • Live remapping, with full explanation of the changes being made and why
  • Photos and videos of the tuning
  • Technical talk through the result

VIP Design offer VIP dyno tuning sessions for all sports, exotic and prestige cars – including Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin Tuning, Mercedes BMW, Audi R8, Lamborghini, Land Rover and Jaguar Tuning.

Or you can call some guy who someone said does tuning – your call!

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